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Key Features

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Impactful Advertising

Digital advertising is proven to be more effective because viewers pay attention to and retain much more information when it is presented with visual graphics, motion and color.

Cost Effective

Tanager Digital Advertising is cost effective compared to traditional media. Digital signage receives 10 times more eye contact than printed advertisements and has been proven to boost sales by up to 30%

Dynamic Content & Message Control

Tanager Digital Advertising provides the ability for you to control your advertising - easily control/update your content and message almost instantaneously.

Every Demographic Reached

Targeted advertising to specific demographics by location. With over 300 locations and growing, reaching a population greater than 420,000, & over 300,000 plays every month, your message saturates the market area.

Quality Service

Tanager employs a well-trained and enthusiastic staff, including skilled sales and graphics designers, who will help you capture attention and maximize your message.


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